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2017 - Sketch, Abstract, InVision, Principle, GitHub, Adobe After Effects (for Lottie animations)

2017 - Sketch, Abstract, InVision, Principle, GitHub, Adobe After Effects (for Lottie animations)


There was a lot to learn about design at Dialogue. The most interesting part about it was being able to work alongside health professionals. When a person talks about digital healthcare, a great user experience is often not the first topic. Many health professionals are frustrated with electronic health records (EMRs), and they grow tired of spending time switching between several platforms, devices, and applications just to deliver care. The most important focus for a doctor should be their patient, not a screen.

Creating a good user experience for both patients and professionals is a tough challenge that many people have already tried to tackle. The product team at Dialogue worked together to solve many problems in digital healthcare themselves. 

I worked at Dialogue for a total of 8 months or two separate co-op terms. One of my biggest projects at Dialogue involved redesigning the second version of the website. During the second term, I led a complete redesign of the patient mobile app and took part in a week-long design sprint to re-think the EMR experience for our doctors.


Creating a more welcoming Dialogue

Warm. Welcoming. Healthy. Dialogue is an alternative to visiting the clinic and it's likely to be used in the comfort of your own home. Why bring the cold interior of a hospital into an app? As an intern, I got the chance to revisit the company's visual style to create a more friendly experience with healthcare.


Designing an EHR Workflow

There are many challenges in healthcare design. I think that one of the most difficult and important tools are electronic health records (EHR), because of the sheer amount of patients and information that healthcare professionals handle daily. I faced this challenge with my design partner at Dialogue by doing a design sprint.

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