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Heroes and Lies

Heroes and Lies

This is a painting of a dream I had. The story is that this dystopian world divided work between middle class women and men. While the women researched and engineered, the men fought and created. In this scene during a festival at a market, everyone looks to the skies, hearing the familiar sounds of the wailing sirens. To them it means that the military is out once again to save humanity from an invading alien species, so they celebrate. But the foreground character is not convinced. He's watching in dread, knowing that under the guise of being heroes, the planes are actually out destroying and eliminating another peaceful race for self benefit. 28 down... How many more to go? 

In my dream I was a boy, but halfway through I changed "views" to a girl as a scientist, but as both characters I was trying to break the sexism and evil plots of the government.

Alena Delena
Systems Design Engineering 2020

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