Messaging Design at Kik

2016 - Sketch for Mac, Zeplin, Principle, Trello

My Experience

The engineering department at the University of Waterloo requires their students to work as an intern at a company for four months at least 5 times during their 5-year program. This is a great way to get real life experience in our field of study so that we would already have at least two years of work experience by the time we graduate.

I worked closely with a product manager and I was required to make sure that I was fluent with the design specifications of every project I was assigned to. After which, I began iterating on my designs. During the process, I constantly met with the product manager and other members of the design team for critique and feedback. It was very important that we addressed the user and the ultimate goal of the design project at every meeting. 

During this term, I learned a lot of basic design concepts and technical skills, such as applying proper spacing standards. This is dependent on context and association, the hierarchy of elements, and the differences between iOS and Material design. I also developed a better sense of designing for the user, rather than for the sake of the app. I learned to always have a mockup of my designs ready on a phone so I could think of myself as the user and always question if the flow made sense.


Reporting Feature

Categories were added to the existing 'Report' dialogue to identify user concerns, better understand the issue and contribute to finding a solution. It was essential that the icons expressed what the user could be feeling and the description was straightforward for the most accurate report.

Definicious Bot

During Kik's Hackweek, I learned how to code a Kik bot from scratch using Python without much prior experience with the language. The purpose of the bot was to simply receive a word from the user and send a reply with definitions and examples that all came from

definition Webpage

When Kik users want to invite their friends to a Kik group, they may share a unique link, In the case that it is clicked from a computer, it leads to this page. It is simple, straightforward and encourages the friend to download the app if they don't have it already.


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